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 We are very excited about these classes!  Don’t miss them. According to past class participants: “These classes are a ball!” See the list of current classes below and please Contact Linda for details and to schedule your class.


1. The Pasta and Gnocchi Making Classes

Learn to make Pasta Fresca (fresh homemade pasta) and Gnocchi with Linda. The pasta and gnocchi classes are hands-on with everyone getting into the act. Bring an apron and learn to make fresh pasta authentically.

In the pasta classes, we even include one type that dates back to the Middle Ages. Weather permitting, we let the fresh breezes come in to dry our pasta like they do in Italy. We will make appropriate sauces for the pasta and then the best part: the tasting along with a little vino! 

For those interested in Gnocchi making instruction, this class is now available! In this class, we learn about and make two different types of gnocchi: Potato and Ricotta. Along with the gnocchi, instruction in making some appropriate sauces is also offered. Of course, we will need some lovely vino, to add to all the tastings!

 2. South of the Po – Emilia-Romagna

The artistry of Italian cooking is demonstrated in this region’s cuisine. This region, known as the “gastronomic heart of Italy” is the home of the famous Bolognese dishes. Ingredients such as Parmigiana-Reggiano, Balsamico, and various cured meats are found and produced in the region and are widely known throughout the world. The course will include discussion of these important ingredients along with tastings. Pasta is “king” here. Pasta and meat dishes are prepared and tasted along with the wine – all exemplifying the flavor as well as tradition of the region. You will Love these rich tastings!

3. Northern Italian Specialties

Discuss the differences in use of ingredients in the Northern Italian regions where you will find rice used almost more than pasta. Understand how geography has influenced cuisine there. Learn the technique of making a proper risotto and recipes for the special and delicate dishes that set the North apart from all other regions.Taste the wines that compliment them with discussion of the famous Langhe area where so many famous wines are grown and produced.

4. *Songs of Napoli*

Campania, land of my father and celebrated in song, is perhaps first considered when one thinks of good Italian food. This class studies the “heart” of the Neapolitan people and culture as it affects the vibrant flavors of their food. Think big – Think bold –  in terms of the foods from this region. Learn the dishes of Napoli, Sorrento, and Capri and understand how the proximity of a volcano has touched the cuisine of the region. The tastings and wine for this class are as spirited as the people of this famous region.

5. The Fundamentals of Italian Cooking

This class includes the “mother lode” of information on Italian cuisine with an intense discussion of ingredients,  an overview of what really makes for good Italian cooking, and a new understanding of regional differences. Several tastings, recipes, and great wine pairings will make you want to get back to your kitchen to implement all you have learned. * This is the current favorite! Some have even taken this class twice!

6. An Afternoon in Tuscany – NEW!

Imagine an afternoon in the Tuscan countryside which includes a tasting of famous Extra Virgins of the Chianti region. Enjoy samples of courses which include White Beans, special gnocchi of this region, along with a meat dish made in the tradition of Tuscan cooks dating back centuries. To make this adventure even more special, enjoy one of the renowned Super Tuscan wines paired for the dishes. Then take all the recipes home and recreate them in your own kitchen! Andiamo!



Classes are conducted in small groups in Atlanta, Ga. You can form your own group and schedule a class or join in with others who have signed up and make new friends! Classes are scheduled as the groups form – so let Linda know what date is good for you!

Class “parties” are also offered where Linda entertains your group of friends with the class of your choice.  Couples Parties are available where Linda does the cooking for the group as well as demonstrating the process. (There is special pricing for these Group Couples Parties.)

Private one-on-one instruction is always available in a customized course designed for your needs. There is special pricing for these private classes.

All classes include detailed instructional hand-outs with course outlines, all pertinent information, and recipes. Sparkling water, food tastings, and regional wine tastings are enjoyed by all in every class setting. There is plenty of opportunity for questions and conversation so that everyone is encouraged to feel part of the process. 

Cost is $75.00 per person for each group class. Payment for the class is due when you register. Private classes will require an additional charge.  Email Linda today for details, to schedule your party, and/or to register for classes.

Come join Linda and share in the joy of Italian cuisine. Let the fun begin!…and remember “Parla Come Mangi”!


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