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Buon giorno!

Once upon a time, deep in the recesses of the Italian side of my brain, there lurked a little voice that said “you gotta write a book”. That little voice has actually “mushroomed” into more than one book over time – but I digress. The little voice has finally surfaced in the form of my new ebook, FOR LOVE OF CROSTINI.

It has been my labor of love for the last couple of years, and I can now proudly announce that it is real. (Kind of like the “Velveteen Rabbit” – if you love it enough, it becomes real – you know what I mean?)

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend  – really a wizard of sorts, in the design and photography genre – Doc Miles of Doc Miles Photography. Doc and I joined forces on a sometimes hilarious trek through often uncharted waters to put this book together in a form I know you will love. His design expertise has proved invaluable, along with some of his beautiful photos that you will surely enjoy in the book. You might also like his story of how we teamed up for the book in his post, “It’s Alive! It’s Alive”!”

Doc in the kitchen 2Doc in the kitchen

Crostini?? Crostini are those wonderful little Italian toast appetizers that delight the tongue and change form depending upon your choice of topping. Everyone seems to love and search for great appetizers that are heavenly to taste and gorgeous to serve. Well, here they are!

In truth – you MUST have this book. It’s a kind of forever book that never becomes trendy and is always a part of your “go to” library for just the right appetizers for your guests. Some of the recipes – lend themselves to entrees and other uses besides the Crostini – so you get a lot of “bang” here.

But don’t take my word for it – hear it from Barbara Nowak, one of the infamous Saucy Sisters someone who is already using this book in her kitchen:

This is the most beautiful, most delicious, most inspirational cookbook I’ve ever read.  I think, like “Julie and Julia,” I’m just going to work my way through the recipes one after the other.  Last night I started with the Crostini of Smoked Mozzarella and Prosciutto.  The orange zest and balsamic glaze took the dish to heavenly heights!  Paul was positively rapturous.  Every single recipe in the book is one I can’t wait to make.”

The book: FOR LOVE OF CROSTINI is full of other such “toasty” appetizers – easy to make –  and many are based on some Italian classic dishes. Along with the recipes for these amazing bites, you are treated to beautiful full color photographs of the dishes that make you want to nose-dive right into your computer screen, compliments of Tommy Hanks Photography. Each of these photos illustrates the serving and garnishing suggested by me along with an interesting description of the dish. Photography was also contributed by my father Attilio’s archives, from his hometown, Casale di Carinola. All of the photos of Italy that you will experience in this book take you on a magic carpet ride through towns, villages, country sides, and markets, lending color and personality to the text.

You are welcomed early in the pages, to take a peek into my personal journey that led to the creation of this book and a look at the family heritage behind it. I hope that this will give you some perspective in how I approach my recipes and my reverence for my Italian roots.

The recipes: Ahhh – you were wondering when I’d get to those! There is something for everyone in this book – some meat, some seafood, some all-vegetable and fruit, and there is even a surprise chapter at the end with sweeter recipes you won’t often see! I know, like Barbara Nowak, quoted above – you’ll want to cook your way through it.

The Pairings: If you follow my recipe blog, you know I’m “big” on serving just the right wine with some of my dishes. This book is no different. Instead of scratching your head wondering what to serve with all of these yummy appetizers, I have done the work for you in a list of “Pairings” for all of the Crostini recipes.

Here’s a peek!

Crostini Scallops Mango-8-2-Edit

Crostini with Scallops and Mango

Crostini Peach Goat Cheese

Spicy Peach Crostini

Crostini Pork09

Crostini with Rubbed Pork and Asiago

How to get this book: FOR LOVE OF CROSTINI is available and affordable now for everyone! To get all of the great recipes – Visit the LINDA’S NEW EBOOK PAGE to easily purchase the PDF, eBook, or Apple iBook. There are links on this page to take you straight to order processing for all three. You’ll want to serve these Crostini recipes to your guests all summer long on the patio and into the fall for fireside entertaining.


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Food Photos By Tommy Hanks Photography


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  1. Linda Cavalucci says:


    Do you offer this book in hard copy?

    P.S. I was thinking of you today. I made your stuffed peppers recipe today. YUM!

    Linda Rose

    • Thanks, Linda! Love those peppers too! The book is not available in hard copy yet. Looking into it. For the next while – only online. The PDF is pretty easy to load.

  2. Marti Faytko says:

    A quick question– For the mushroom crostini with gorgonzola: does it matter if I use whole milk or 1% milk? Thanks!

    • I don’t think it would be a problem, Marti. It might be slightly less rich – but I think hardly detectable, if at all.