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Buon giorno!

Lemon Peel_01

Well? Do I have your attention? Now that’s a cup o’ Joe!!

With the holidays coming and with them lots of reasons to have Candied Orange or Lemon Peel in your pantry, I thought it might be fun to actually see the process of making your own. During the holiday season, the local grocers stock them, but afterward it can be difficult to find them. Italians often use the Candied Peels in their dolci, and there just might be a recipe coming up that would require one. I have mentioned how delicious and easy to make homemade Candied Peels can be.

I personally like the recipe for Candied Orange Peel offered by The Food Network. See the link here: The Food Network . It is quite easy to follow .

I have adapted this recipe below to show the process for making Candied Lemon Peel. It has so many uses in desserts, stews, all types of dishes. I especially like to serve it on its own, dipped in dark chocolate with espresso. MMMMM! There is no better way to end a meal – unless of course you’d like to add a small glass of Limoncello!

Let’s get to work!


9-10 Fresh Lemons ( I used 9 for the photos)

5 c. sugar with extra for rolling at the end

2 c. water

Begin by cutting off the ends of the lemons.

Lemon Peel_02

Cut off the lemon rind with the pith on it – but not any of the fruit. It is easy to peel the skins off the oranges,but lemons are tougher and you’ll be more successful with a knife.

Lemon Peel_03

Cut the rind into strips.

Lemon Peel_04Lemon Peel_05

Place the strips in a pot with water to cover and bring to boil on high heat and strain out the water. Do this 4 times – each time bringing new water to a boil and straining off to help remove the bitter flavor.

Lemon Peel_07

Then add sugar and 2 cups water to a pot. Add a cinnamon stick. I like this addition!

Lemon Peel_06

Bring to a boil and reduce heat and simmer for 8-10 minutes or until the temperature reaches soft ball stage 230-234 degree.

Lemon Peel_08

Add the lemon peels and simmer until peels become translucent around 55 minutes.

Lemon skin is tougher than orange, and I think needs a little more time. Do not stir during this part.

Lemon Peel_09Lemon Peel_10

Remove and drain the peels, and discard the cinnamon stick. I always save the syrup and keep it chilled in the refrigerator.

It is wonderful used to sweeten ice tea, hot tea, and it makes the morning oatmeal absolutely decadent!

Now roll the peels in sugar.

Lemon Peel_11

The Food Network Recipe advises to let them dry on a rack, but I always just lay them in a single layer on wax paper and turn them over after a while. I let them dry overnight, and then put them in a sealed container to be kept in a dry place.

Just try to keep from eating it!!

Lemon Peel_12




Food Photos By Tommy Hanks Photography

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