Peas With Pancetta

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Piselli Con Pancetta – 


Buon giorno!

Tis the season for the search for “sides”. Everyone scrambles to find “something different” – “something new”. One of the best side dishes for holiday dinners or anytime dinners, for that matter, is PEAS WITH PANCETTA (Piselli Con Pancetta). This is a simple dish. It includes just a few flavor-rich ingredients that enhance and compliment the peas without overwhelming them. The wonderful thing about it is that it really makes the peas jump out and sing.

This dish is decidedly Tuscan, a region known for the sweetness of its peas. It has a sweet and savory combination of flavors. The pancetta offers the savory companion to sweet peas with the addition of just a little bit of sugar. The addition of sugar, may seem odd, but it really brings out the sweetness of the peas without creating a “sweet dish”.

This lovely vegetable side dish is lovely enough to accompany the most elegant of dinner entrees – while at the same time flatters the most simple of steak, chop, poultry, or even burger meals.

Put this one on your best veggie go-to list!


(Piselli Con Pancetta)

Serves: 6

Prep: 15 minutes

Cook: 15 minutes


6 C. Peas (fresh or frozen) cooked until just tender

1/4 C. Toasted Pignoli (pine nuts)

1/4 C. Chopped Pancetta (easier to chop when partially frozen)

4 Tbsp. Olive Oil

1 Medium Onion – sliced very thinly

3 Tbsp. Milk or Cream

1 Tsp. Sugar

Kosher Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Fresh Mint for garnish


Cook peas until just tender.

Cook pancetta in oil until tender.

Peas 1

Add the sliced onion to the pancetta and cook until tender.

Peas 2

Peas 3

Add the cream and sugar. Stir in.

Now add the cooked peas to the pan. Toss and continue cooking 2-3 minutes more until the liquid cooks down, and cream will almost disappear.

Peas 4

Add Kosher Salt and fresh Black Pepper to taste.

Garnish with Pignoli and Mint.


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  1. Paul Donovan says:

    This looks delicious. Do you ever or are you able to post the nutritional information with your recipes ? I am on a strict diet and really need to see that information on recipes before I can prepare them.

    • Hi Paul! I think you’d like this dish. Unfortunately, I do not post the nutritional information on the recipes. Thanks for following the blog!