Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Dough

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Red Pepper Tagliatelle

dough 6

Buon giorno!

Fresh pasta or pasta fresca, as we call it at my house, is one of those can’t live without items in my life. It is the perfect food in my book and exudes “comfort”. If you can even imagine anything better –  it just might be fresh pasta, vividly colored, and with the subtle flavor of a favorite vegetable. Thus, we have ROASTED RED PEPPER PASTA DOUGH – an extraordinary feast for the eyes as well as the palate. How I love to look at it!

But – I like to make it even more! It’s just fun, and the result is well..way over the top. This recipe for ROASTED RED PEPPER PASTA DOUGH is not difficult – but it does take time.

About those peppers: I like to roast my peppers ahead to make the process easier. An easy tutorial on roasting your own red peppers can be found HERE. If you decide you don’t want to go to the trouble – you can always use the roasted peppers in the jar – but you must pat them dry first. Although roasting your own is more fun – either way is fine, your results should be good.

The flour: I like to use Double Zero (Antimo Caputo) Flour for my pasta dough in most cases. My recipe is written using it. I would not substitute all purpose flour as it is not the same and your amounts will not work as well. This flour has a different weight and consistency, creates very tender pasta and the most lovely dough. I get my Double Zero flour at a local Italian market – but you CAN get it on Amazon! Whee! So it is accessible to anyone. The resulting pasta is light, tender, and cooks within 5 minutes. ( There are directions also below for using all purpose flour.)

The kneading: I knead my pasta dough for about 10 minutes – it releases and works the gluten to create a better pasta.

The resting: Allowing the dough to rest for at least the recommended 30 minutes is a MUST! Don’t short cut it.

The making: I use a manual or hand crank Atlas pasta machine. This is the type I recommend in my classes. It is just a quirk of mine – I don’t care to use motorized or attachment types. Regardless of which pasta maker you have or prefer to use, I’m sure this pasta recipe will result in a “happy ending”. You can make tagliatelle, as I have done here or any other shape you like.

The using: You can use this pasta immediately after you create it or dry it. OR—you can freeze it as I often do, so that I have it ready anytime. You do NOT defrost the pasta if you freeze it. It goes from the freezer to the boiling water. It cooks al dente inside of 5 minutes!

Try my Garlic Cream Sauce with Parmigiano-Reggiano with this pasta – perfection!


Makes: about 1 3/4 lb.

Prep: about 2 hours

Cook:  5 minutes


3 1/2 C. Double Zero Flour (I like Antimo Caputo found in Italian Markets and on Amazon)

(If you use All purpose Flour – try 3 cups flour to 4 Large Eggs – you may want to add more flour as necessary because of the addition of the pureed peppers. If so, do it in small amounts so the dough does not come out tough.)

Pinch Salt

3 Extra Large Eggs

1/2 C. Pureed Roasted Red Peppers ( approx. 1 1/2-2 Peppers depending on size)


Roast your peppers using directions HERE 

OR – use the roasted peppers in the jar – patting them dry first with paper towels

You can roast them ahead or while your pasta dough is resting if you like.

Puree the peppers when finished until smooth.

Dough 1

You can use a food processor as I do – faster and easier – or use the old method of making a well in the flour and adding the eggs & puree in a little at a time with a fork.

Mix together your flour and salt and place in the processor. Add your eggs – USE EXTRA LARGE EGGS and then add the pureed peppers – Process until dough comes together.

Dough 2

Then turn the dough out onto a board or surface and keep working it until it makes a smooth dough – knead for 10 minutes. Add a little extra flour if it becomes too sticky being careful not to add to much – use tiny amounts when you add. Too much flour can toughen your pasta dough.

# 3

Wrap dough ball in plastic wrap and let rest for at least 30 minutes.

Make your pasta according to directions for your pasta maker or hand cut it if that is what you like.

dough 4

Dry it on a rack or in nests or lay it out on towels sprinkled with flour or cornmeal to keep it from sticking together.

dough 5

Then cook it in rapidly boiling salted water, with an occasional turn with the fork ( cooks inside of 5 minutes) or freeze it. I freeze mine in nests in layers between sheets of wax paper in a tightly closed container.


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