March: Sgroppino

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Amidst the lively costumes and masks that so fancifully illustrate Carnevale in Venice, hides a smooth and lovely drink that the revelers enjoy even year round. It is called Sgroppino. There are many recipes out there using sorbets, sherbets, gelato, and cream. I have fashioned one that is similar to those but just different enough to note. This is a beverage best served after a meal. It is attractive, dangerously delicious, and sure to cause conversation at your Mardi Gras table – pre-Lent or anytime. I, of course, especially like it On the Patio!

2 ½ c. creamy vanilla ice cream – not vanilla bean (I use Breyer’s Creamy Vanilla for this)
½ c. Lemon Curd – you can make your own but the jarred ones on your grocer’s shelf in the cake and spice department are just fine for this.
1 ½ oz. Vodka (put in the freezer a few hours before)
1 ½ oz. Limoncello (put in the freezer a few hours before)
1/3 c. Prosecco – chilled
Fresh Mint and Sliced Toasted Almonds for garnish

Soften your ice cream and fold or mash in the lemon curd. It’s ok to have little bits of the velvety curd still visible  – in fact it is better to have them, I think. They offer little lemon surprises as you sip!

Put the ice cream mixture back in the freezer until you are ready to use.

A few hours before serving, chill 4 champagne flutes in the freezer along with your vodka and Limoncello.

When ready to prepare – in a bowl, soften (do not melt) the ice cream and lemon curd mixture. Quickly add the vodka, Limoncello, and Prosecco. Whisk together til just blended. Do not use a blender as it will cause the mixture to liquify. Do not make ahead or allow to sit – the mixture will separate. Serve immediately as an after dinner drink with a sprig of fresh mint and about 3 toasted almond slices on the top. Offer a spoon with each drink so your guests will enjoy every last bit! (Makes about 4)


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  1. I enjoy anything made with limoncello.
    Glad you added “do not use a blender”
    As always your recipes have the special helpful hints