Strawberry Basil Granita

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How to Beat the Heat –

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Buon giorno!

OK! It’s hot! You’ve got the fevah and I’ve got the cure: STRAWBERRY BASIL GRANITA! Before you run away because you either don’t have an ice cream maker or you don’t want to drag it out of mothballs – you need to hear this! Also – all of you fat conscious people out there – no fat in this – nope – not a drop!

Granita is a wonderfully icy sweet treat that will take your cares away when the thermometer says you’ve just entered the equatorial zone.  And no — you will not have to phone your local diet guru, confessing guilt, after eating it. Yes, it has sugar. I’ll cop to that. But, it has no fat.

What is granita?  It is a frozen concoction of water, sugar, and generally fruit. Instead of getting a smooth scoop as in gelato or ice cream – granita is really a pile of ice crystals or chips that melt and linger in your mouth. On a hot day – nothing better.

It is easy peasy all the way with this one. All you need is a fork. A fork? Yes – that will be your tool of choice when creating this icy wonder. You first puree your fruit and, in this case, some fresh basil – then freeze it in a shallow container. Every few hours, you go at it with a fork scraping it up to form ice crystals. You do this a few times and the crystals become well formed and dry. Then you can just let it sit in the freezer til ready to use it.

What’s in it? Strawberries, Fresh Basil, a little fresh lemon, and sugar. That’s it!

Strawberry Granita 1

Strawberry Granita 2

meyer lemon

This granita is the most refreshing thing you can make or serve when the mercury is stuck at 90+

Strawberry Granita 9

Not only is this STRAWBERRY BASIL GRANITA a delicious dessert – but you can also serve it as a sort of intermezzo or “plate cleanser” between courses at a meal. It is fresh on the tongue – clears away the fatty feeling in your mouth after eating something greasy  – and readies your guest for what is to come with well.. sort of .. a clean slate!

You can also dress it up a little (as if it needs it) with a dollop of Limoncello Cream!

Strawberry Granita  with Limoncello Cream

Another very delicious way to serve it is in a martini glass with a little vodka poured over the top. Stick a sprig of fresh basil in it, and maybe a little straw, and you have a very refreshing cocktail!

Cool beans!! (Cool chips?) Whatever!


Serves: 4-6


1 1/2 C. Fresh Strawberries – cut up

2 Tbsp. Fresh Basil Leaves – chopped

2 Tsp. Fresh Lemon juice

3 Tbsp. Sugar


Slice the strawberries.

Put the berries, sugar, lemon juice, and basil in a food processor or blender.

Puree until smooth.

Strawberry Granita 3

Pour the mixture into a container and place in the freezer.

Strawberry Granita 4

After it starts to freeze, scrape with a fork. Continue this process a few times as it freezes over a few hours.

Strawberry Granita 6

The crystals will appear dry after a while. Stop scraping – you are finished!

Strawberry Granita 7

Serving suggestions: Try serving your STRAWBERRY BASIL GRANITA in a wine or martini glass with a sprig of basil for garnish. For a delicious Granita Martini, pour some chilled vodka over the top. Another option is to make some Limoncello Cream  to spoon on the top.

Limoncello Cream

3/4 C. Heavy Cream

1 Tbsp. Sugar

2 Tbsp. Limoncello

Mix the heavy cream, sugar and Limoncello in a bowl. Whip until soft peaks form.

Spoon on the top of your granita!


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Food Photos By Tommy Hanks Photography

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  1. The combination of basil and strawberries is amazing.
    Thank you for your creativity.